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Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle Black
Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle Black
Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle Black
Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle Black
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Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle Black

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Gotway MCM5 - 14 inches performance the ultimate in torque!!  Hill climbing beast!!

Technical specifications


PVC, aluminium pedals


Dimensions (HxLxD)

16.1 x 8.6 x 20.7 inches

4.75 inches pedal ground clearance


Wheel diameter

14 inches wheel (air-inflated)



32 - 37.6 lbs



1500 watt continuous power


Maximum speed

Up to 25 mph with 650/800 Wh models

Up to 21.5 mph with 340/420/510 Wh models

Up to 15 mph with 130/210 Wh models

(differs by battery & driver weight)


Maximum load

up to 220 lbs (we recommend the 800 Wh/84 V model for drivers with more than 190 lbs driving weight,

for drivers with more than 220 lbs driving weight, we recommend more powerful unicycles


Maximum range

Up to 37 miles with 800 Wh battery

(testdriver 135 lbs, flat paved road, 70°F)


Maximum incline angle

up to 25° (differs by battery & driver weight)



130 / 340 / 510 Wh (67.2 V)
210 / 420 / 650 / 800 Wh (84 V)


Charging time

up to 6 hrs, depends on battery version



100-240 V~, Output 67.2/84 V-, 1.75 A


Operating temperature




app-configurable speed alerts

shutdown at 45° side-tilt / 35° forward or backward tilt

warning alert at PCB temperature> 160°F

low voltage alert

adjustable pedal angle

shutdown after 2 seconds without ground contact

low battery alert

pedals braking support


Case features

charging port

power button (also controls front light LED)

LED front light

USB port for charging external devices

extendable handle


Other features

Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting App (Kebye)




Key highlights

Unmatched Torque

Gotway almost doubled the motor power to 1500 Watt up from 800 Watt in the previous generation.

The latest PCB upgrade delivers 3x peak performance of the previous architecture.

With almost twice as much power as any other 14 inches unicycle, the MCM5 performance compares close to larger wheel diameter high-end performance unicycles, but trades top speed for unparalelled torque and hill climbing ability.

Compact nimble city EUC

The MCM5 is a comparitivaley small unicycle. Nevertheless it features an extendable handle allowing you to effortlessy walk the MCM5 wherever driving is not an option.
Smaller EUC generally have higher manoeuverability. Packed with ample torque for sudden accerlation the MCM5 is the ideal companion for congested places.
Despite the small form factor, the case hosts up to 60 cells (650 Wh, 800 Wh) providing ample milage and allows for fast charging with 5 Ampere.


How water resistant is the MCM5, can I use it in the rain?

The Wheel housing is completely enclosed, the top panel is relatively impervious to rain, any water that enters into the retractable handle chamber, will harmlessly drain through. For the electronics, there is an epoxy film coating applied over the control-board, this provides an additional measure to weather protection. Despite these design features, as is generally the case for electrical equipment, that it is not a good idea to attempt to use in the rain, prolonged exposure to moisture, & to avoid puddles.

How difficult is to perform maintenance work, such as changing the inner-tube on the MCM5?

It’s more of an ordeal than on other Gotway Wheels, where both side panels need to be removed, screws unfastened from the pedal support posts & the heat-shrink wrapping around the motor connectors pealed away, in addition to separating the two shell halves.  A typical inner-tube change job will likely take between 1 to 2 hours.



I am brand new to EUC's and was able to get up and ride the MCM5 and do figure 8's around the tennis court with what looked to be some amount of finesse in about 2 hours.  Love the wheel.  Took several super hard hits upon bailing but other than some scratches looks no worse for wear.
Love this wheel! Great as a beginner wheel, commuter, and great for climbing up trails. Very happy with all you get for a great price.
This is an AMAZING mid-sized wheel. After realizing that my 18XL would be very large and too bulky as a daily driver, I picked up this wheel. I was immediately infatuated with the strong torque and high cruising speed that is packed into this 14 inch wheel. It also doesn't look half bad with its carbon fiber finish!
This MCM5 is a beast. It accelerates fast and with authority. So much torque. This is the best hill climbing wheel that I ever rode. Puts my Tesla to shame when it comes to hill climbing and the Tesla is no slouch in that area. This 14inch wheel is very fast and it has no problems hitting speeds of 27mph and this  thing can turn on a dime. We did a 26 mile ride and the 800wh battery had plenty of juice left to spare. This thing is awesome. Thanks ewheels. J. West
Just Absolutely Awesome.